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now with release target, synced with latest version of the Makefile in jterm

some tests are no JUnit tests yet - excluded

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parent 63830fb2
......@@ -17,20 +17,20 @@ PACKAGEHTML=$(DOCDIR)/de/jtem/$(NAME)/package-summary.html
#location of the web site, may be empty
#directory of the website on the server, or local if SERVER is empty
#directory for the dependencies
#a place to put the archives that constitute a release, before copy to
#web site
#directories of the JUnit tests, all files that match Test*.java or * will be executed
#exclude the following tests
EXCLTESTS=RuppertTest TestLLL TestExactLLL
EXCLTESTS=TestSiegelReduction TestSiegelTransform TestLatticePointsForUniformApproximation TestLatticePointsInEllipsoid TestThetaWithChar
#where to find junit.jar
JUNIT=$(shell locate junit.jar | grep '/junit.jar' | tail --lines=1)
......@@ -56,14 +56,14 @@ JTEMURL=
# ----------------------------------
# Everything below should be generic
# ----------------------------------
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
# Everything below should be generic (feel free to adapt to your needs)
# ---------------------------------------------------------------------
SOURCEFILES=$(shell find $(SRCDIRS) -name '*.java')
TESTSOURCEFILES=$(shell find $(TESTDIR) -name '*Test*.java' 2> /dev/null)
TESTSOURCEFILES=$(shell find $(TESTDIR) -name '*.java' 2> /dev/null)
ALLTESTS=$(shell find $(TESTDIR) -name '*Test*.java' 2> /dev/null\
| sed -e 's,$(TESTDIR)/,,g' -e 's/.java//g' -e 'y,/,.,' )
et_=$(addprefix %,$(
TESTS=$(filter-out $(et_), $(ALLTESTS))
......@@ -71,28 +71,27 @@ ext_=$(filter $(et_), $(ALLTESTS))
DEPNAMES=$(shell cat dependencies.txt 2> /dev/null | grep -v '^\#' )
DEPS=$(patsubst %,$(LIBDIR)/%.jar, $(DEPNAMES))
DOCPACKAGES=$(shell find $(SRCDIRS) -name '*.java' -printf "%h\n" | \
sed -e 'y,/,.,' $(foreach d,$(SRCDIRS), -e 's/$(d)\.//') | sort -u)
#copy to SRVDIR
#function to copy to SRVDIR
ifeq ($(strip $(SERVER)),)
copy_to_website=cp -a $(1) $(SRVDIR)/$(2)
copy_to_website=cp -a $(1) $(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2))
copy_to_website=scp -r $(1) $(SERVER):$(SRVDIR)/$(2)
copy_to_website=scp -r $(1) $(SERVER):$(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2))
#execute on SERVER
#function to execute on SERVER
ifeq ($(strip $(SERVER)),)
exec_on_server=ssh $(SERVER) $(1)
#last change date from svn
svndate=svn info $(1) 2> /dev/null \
| sed -n '/[0-9]\{4\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{2\}/s/.*\([0-9]\{4\}-[0-9]\{2\}-[0-9]\{2\}\).*/\1/p' \
| tail -n 1
#function to get last change date from svn
svndate=`( svn --xml info $(1) 2> /dev/null | grep "<text-updated>" \
|| svn --xml info $(1) 2> /dev/null | grep "<date>" ) \
| sed -e 's/.*>\(....-..-..\).*/\1/'`
# ---Targets --
......@@ -115,10 +114,12 @@ help:
@echo "directory of compiled JUnit test (TESTBINDIR): $(TESTBINDIR)"
@echo "junit.jar (JUNIT): $(JUNIT)"
@echo "jtem url (JTEMURL): $(JTEMURL)"
# --- updatedeps ----
#dependencies will only be checked once a day and wget only fetches them,
#if the files are newer on the server or have different sizes
.PHONY: updatedeps $(DEPS)
updatedeps: $(DEPS)
......@@ -128,11 +129,14 @@ $(DEPS):
if [ ! -f .lastUpdateDepsPlusADay \
-o .lastUpdateDepsPlusADay -ot .lastUpdateDepsCheck \
$(foreach d, $(subst $(LIBDIR)/,,$(DEPS)), -o ! -f $d) ]; \
then wget --timestamping $(subst $(LIBDIR), $(DOWNLOADDEPS), $(DEPS)); \
then wget --timestamping $(subst $(LIBDIR), $(DOWNLOADDEPS), $(DEPS)) || echo "ERROR: could not reach jTEM site to fetch dependencies!" ;\
touch -t `date --date="+1 day" +%Y%m%d%H%M` .lastUpdateDepsPlusADay; \
# --- binaries ---
#compile the SOURCFILES into BINDIR
.PHONY: binaries
binaries: $(BINDIR)
......@@ -143,8 +147,11 @@ $(BINDIR): $(SOURCEFILES) | $(DEPS)
-d $(BINDIR)/ \
$(SOURCEFILES) || { rm -rf $(BINDIR); echo "ERROR: compilation failed, folder \"$(BINDIR)\" removed"; exit 1; }
@touch $(BINDIR)
# --- test ---
#compile and run JUnit tests form TESTDIR
#compile and run JUnit test form TESTDIR
.PHONY: test
test: .testscompiled
#only runs tests if $(TESTDIR) is non empty
......@@ -157,6 +164,7 @@ ifneq ($(strip $(TESTDIR)),)
@if [ -n "$(ext_)" ]; then echo "WARNING: some tests where exluded, see variable EXCLTESTS"; fi
.testscompiled: $(BINDIR) $(TESTSOURCEFILES)
#only compile tests if $(TESTDIR) is non empty
ifneq ($(strip $(TESTDIR)),)
......@@ -168,10 +176,13 @@ ifneq ($(strip $(TESTDIR)),)
@touch .testscompiled
# --- javadoc ---
#generate api documentation with javadoc
.PHONY: javadoc
javadoc: $(DOCDIR)
$(DOCDIR): $(shell find $(SRCDIRS)) | $(DEPS)
$(DOCDIR): $(shell find $(SRCDIRS) -path "*.svn" -prune -o -print ) | $(DEPS)
@if [ ! -d $(DOCDIR) ]; then mkdir $(DOCDIR); fi
@javadoc $(JAVADOCOPTS) \
-d $(DOCDIR) -classpath $(BINDIR):`find $(LIBDIR) -name '*.jar' -printf %p: 2> /dev/null ` \
......@@ -179,33 +190,95 @@ $(DOCDIR): $(shell find $(SRCDIRS)) | $(DEPS)
@touch $(DOCDIR)
# --- web ---
#generate web snippets and put them on the server
.PHONY: web
web: $(WEBDIR)/teaser.html $(WEBDIR)/content.html
@for f in $?; do $(call copy_to_website,$$f,$(NAME)/$${f#$(WEBDIR)}); done
@if [ -d $(dir $(PACKAGEHTML))/doc-files ]; then $(call copy_to_website,$(dir $(PACKAGEHTML))/doc-files,$(NAME)/doc-files); fi
@date=`$(call svndate, $(subst -summary,,$(subst $(DOCDIR),$(firstword $(SRCDIRS)),$(PACKAGEHTML))))`; \
@date=$(call svndate, $(subst -summary,,$(subst $(DOCDIR),$(firstword $(SRCDIRS)),$(PACKAGEHTML)))); \
if [ "" = "$$date" ]; then date=`date -r $< +%F`; fi; \
$(call exec_on_server,touch -d $$date $(SRVDIR)/$(NAME)/content.html)
$(call exec_on_server,touch -d $$date $(SRVDIR)/$(NAME)/content.html $(SRVDIR)/projects.html)
@if [ -f releasnotes.txt ]; then $(call copy_to_website, releasnotes.txt, downloads/$(NAME)); fi
@$(call exec_on_server, find $(SRVDIR) -user `whoami` | xargs chmod g+rw)
$(WEBDIR)/teaser.html: $(PACKAGEHTML)
@if [ ! -d $(WEBDIR) ]; then mkdir $(WEBDIR); fi
@sed -e '0,/teaser start/d;/teaser end/,$$d' $(PACKAGEHTML) > $(WEBDIR)/teaser.html
@chmod g+rw $(WEBDIR)/teaser.html
$(WEBDIR)/content.html: $(PACKAGEHTML)
@if [ ! -d $(WEBDIR) ]; then mkdir $(WEBDIR); fi
@sed -e '0,/teaser start/d; /START OF BOTTOM NAVBAR/,$$d' \
-e 's,\(\.\./\)\+,$(JTEMURL)/$(NAME)/api/,g' \
$(PACKAGEHTML) > $(WEBDIR)/content.html
@chmod g+rw $(WEBDIR)/content.html
blas.jar: $(BINDIR)
cd $(BINDIR); jar cf ../blas.jar *
# --- release ---
.PHONY: release
release: web test $(DOCDIR) $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip $(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz $(RELDIR)/current.txt
@status=`svn status -u 2>&1 | grep -v "?" | head -n -1`; \
if [ -n "$$status" ]; then \
echo "STOP: Synchronize with repository first!"; exit 1 ; fi
@grep `cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt` releasnotes.txt 1>/dev/null 2>&1 || \
if [ -f releasnotes.txt ]; then mv releasnotes.txt releasnotes-old.txt; fi; \
cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt > releasnotes.txt; \
if [ -f releasnotes-old.txt ]; then cat releasnotes-old.txt >> releasnotes.txt; fi
@$(call copy_to_website, \
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip $(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz,downloads)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar,downloads/$(NAME)/$(NAME)`cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt`.jar)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz,downloads/$(NAME)/$(NAME)`cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt`.tgz)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip,downloads/$(NAME)/$(NAME)`cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt`.zip)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz,downloads/$(NAME)/$(NAME)`cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt`-api.tgz)
@$(call exec_on_server, rm -rf $(SRVDIR)/$(NAME)/api)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(DOCDIR), $(NAME)/api)
@$(call copy_to_website, $(RELDIR)/current.txt,downloads/$(NAME))
@$(call copy_to_website, releasnotes.txt,downloads/$(NAME))
@$(call exec_on_server, find $(SRVDIR) -user `whoami` | xargs chmod g+rw)
@echo release `cat rel/current.txt` succesfully deployed
#jar of compiled classes
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar: $(BINDIR) $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@jar cmf $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar -C $(BINDIR) .
#archive of source and jars of all dependencies
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz: $(shell find $(SRCDIRS)) | updatedeps
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@tar czf $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz $(SRCDIRS) $(LIBDIR) --exclude-vcs
#jar and jars of all dependencies
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip: $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar | updatedeps
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@cd $(RELDIR); zip $(NAME).zip $(NAME).jar
@cd $(LIBDIR); zip -g ../$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip *
#archive of api-documentation
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz: $(DOCDIR)
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@tar czf $(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz $(DOCDIR) --exclude-vcs
$(RELDIR)/manifest.txt: $(RELDIR)/current.txt
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@echo "Implementation-Title: $(NAME)" > $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt
@echo "Implementation-Version: "`cat $(RELDIR)/current.txt` >> $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt
@echo "Implementation-Vendor: jTEM ($(JTEMURL))" >> $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt
@echo "Implementation-URL: $(JTEMURL)/downloads/$(NAME).jar" >> $(RELDIR)/manifest.txt
#release date
.PHONY: $(RELDIR)/current.txt
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@echo `date +%F`_rel`svn info --xml -r HEAD \
| sed -n -e '/<entry/,/>/p' \
| sed -n -e '/revision/s/.*"\([0-9]*\)".*/\1/p'`\
> $(RELDIR)/current.txt
# --- debug ---
.PHONY: debug
......@@ -18,6 +18,9 @@ javadoc: generate the api documentation with javadoc
web: produce and send the snippets for the projectspecific
part of the jtem website
release: generate the archives for a release and put them on the
jTEM server for download
clean: remove all generated files (see the variable
CLEAN in the makefile)
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