Commit f198f1ce authored by Guenter Paul Peters's avatar Guenter Paul Peters
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git-svn-id: f5b180c5-49ee-4939-b20e-b6ed35f0f7b7
parent 61963bf3
......@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ help:
@echo "compiled classes (BINDIR): $(BINDIR)"
@echo "generated api documentation (DOCDIR): $(DOCDIR)"
@echo "generated snippets for the web site (WEBDIR): $(WEBDIR)"
@echo "package html to produce the web snipptes (PACKAGEHTML): $(PACKAGEHTML)"
@echo "package-summary.html to produce the web snipptes (PACKAGEHTML): $(PACKAGEHTML)"
@echo "server of the website - may be empty(SERVER): $(SERVER)"
@echo "directory of the web site on the server (SRVDIR): $(SRVDIR)"
@echo "directory for the dependencies - put other archives here too (LIBDIR): $(LIBDIR)"
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