Commit c572a2d1 authored by Guenter Paul Peters's avatar Guenter Paul Peters
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bug in release fixed

git-svn-id: f5b180c5-49ee-4939-b20e-b6ed35f0f7b7
parent 129ee48f
......@@ -262,8 +262,8 @@ $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).tgz: $(shell find $(SRCDIRS)) | updatedeps
#jar and jars of all dependencies
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip: $(RELDIR)/$(NAME).jar | updatedeps
@if [ ! -d $(RELDIR) ]; then mkdir $(RELDIR); fi
@cd $(RELDIR); zip $(NAME).zip $(NAME).jar
@if [ -d $(LIBDIR) ]; then cd $(LIBDIR); zip -g ../$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip *; fi
@cd $(RELDIR); zip $(NAME).zip $(NAME).jar
@if [ ! $(LIBDIR)="" -a -d $(LIBDIR) ]; then cd $(LIBDIR); zip -g ../$(RELDIR)/$(NAME).zip *; fi
#archive of api-documentation
$(RELDIR)/$(NAME)-api.tgz: $(DOCDIR)
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