Commit ba28c70a authored by Guenter Paul Peters's avatar Guenter Paul Peters
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bug in release fixed

git-svn-id: f5b180c5-49ee-4939-b20e-b6ed35f0f7b7
parent 18bb8274
......@@ -213,8 +213,8 @@ web: $(WEBDIR)/teaser.html $(WEBDIR)/content.html
if [ "" = "$$date" ]; then date=$(call svndate, $(PACKAGEHTML)); fi; \
if [ "" = "$$date" ]; then date=`date -r $< +%F`; fi; \
$(call exec_on_server,touch -d $$date $(SRVDIR)/$(NAME)/content.html $(SRVDIR)/projects.html)
@if [ -f releasenotes.txt ]; then $(call copy_to_website, releasenotes.txt, downloads/$(NAME)); fi
$(call exec_on_server, find $(SRVDIR) -user `whoami` | xargs chmod g+rw)
@if [ -f releasenotes.txt ]; then $(call copy_to_website, releasenotes.txt,downloads/$(NAME)); fi
@$(call exec_on_server, find $(SRVDIR) -user `whoami` | xargs chmod g+rw)
$(WEBDIR)/teaser.html: $(DOCDIR)
@if [ ! -d $(WEBDIR) ]; then mkdir $(WEBDIR); fi
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