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......@@ -12,8 +12,12 @@ DOCDIR=doc
#the snippets for the webpage are put here
#the html page to read the websnippets of (package-summary.html)
#the package summary file (source)
PACKAGEHTML=$(word 1,$(SRCDIRS))/de/jtem/$(NAME)/package.html
#the html page to read the websnippets of
#(usually the processed PACKAGEHTML: package-summary.html)
#location of the web site, may be empty
#directory of the website on the server, or local if SERVER is empty
......@@ -40,11 +44,16 @@ JAVACOPTS=-target 1.5 -source 1.5
#javadoc options
JAVADOCOPTS= -author -protected -nodeprecated -nodeprecatedlist \
-windowtitle 'de.jtem.$(NAME) package API documentation' \
-overview $(PACKAGEHTML) \
-header '<a href="$(NAME)" target="_top">$(NAME)</a> by<br><a href="" target="_top">jTEM</a>' \
-footer '<a href="$(NAME)" target="_top">$(NAME)</a> by<br><a href="" target="_top">jTEM</a>' \
-bottom '<font size=-1><b><a href="$(NAME):">jTEM</a></b></font>' \
-link \
$(foreach d, $(DEPNAMES), -link $(JTEMURL)/$(d)/api)
$(foreach d, $(DEPNAMES), -link $(JTEMURL)/$(d)/api) \
-d $(DOCDIR) -classpath "$(BINDIR):`find $(LIBDIR) -name '*.jar' -printf %p: 2> /dev/null `" \
-sourcepath `echo $(SRCDIRS) | tr \ :` \
-stylesheetfile javadoc-style.css \
#things that are removed recursively by the clean target
......@@ -86,7 +95,7 @@ DOWNLOADDEPS=$(JTEMURL)/downloads
ifeq ($(strip $(SERVER)),)
copy_to_website=cp -R $(1) $(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2)); echo " - copy \"$(1)\" to \" $(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2))\" "
copy_to_website=scp -r $(1) $(SERVER):$(SRVDIR)/$(2)
copy_to_website=scp -r $(1) $(SERVER):$(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2)); echo " - copy \"$(1)\" to \" $(SRVDIR)/$(strip $(2))\" "
#function to execute on SERVER
ifeq ($(strip $(SERVER)),)
......@@ -100,14 +109,14 @@ endif
.PHONY: help
@cat README.txt
@echo "CURRENT VALUES OF SOME VARIABLES"; echo "================================"; echo
@echo "project name (NAME): $(NAME)"
@echo "sources (SRCDIRS): $(SRCDIRS)"
@echo "compiled classes (BINDIR): $(BINDIR)"
@echo "generated api documentation (DOCDIR): $(DOCDIR)"
@echo "generated snippets for the web site (WEBDIR): $(WEBDIR)"
@echo "package-summary.html to produce the web snipptes (PACKAGEHTML): $(PACKAGEHTML)"
@echo "find sources in (SRCDIRS): $(SRCDIRS)"
@echo "compiled classes in (BINDIR): $(BINDIR)"
@echo "generat api documentation in (DOCDIR): $(DOCDIR)"
@echo "generat snippets for the web site in (WEBDIR): $(WEBDIR)"
@echo "package-summary.html to produce the web snipptes (PACKAGESUMHTML): $(PACKAGESUMHTML)"
@echo "server of the website - may be empty(SERVER): $(SERVER)"
@echo "directory of the web site on the server (SRVDIR): $(SRVDIR)"
@echo "directory for the dependencies - put other archives here too (LIBDIR): $(LIBDIR)"
help (default): display the README file
updatedeps: fetch the jars of all jtem projects that this project
depends on (list is read from dependencies.txt) dependencies
will only be checked once a day, to force an update, remove
the corresponding archiv. Add third party archives to the
same directory (default is "lib", see the variable LIBDIR in
the Makefile)
binaries: compile the java classes
test: run the JUnit tests
javadoc: generate the api documentation with javadoc
web: produce and send the snippets for the projectspecific
part of the jtem website
release: generate the archives for a release and put them on the
jTEM server for download
clean: remove all generated files (see the variable
CLEAN in the makefile)
debug: print the values of some generated variables
change the variables at the beginning of the Makefile, or override variables via:
make <VARIABLENAME>="my value" <target>
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