Commit dae0bc66 authored by Stefan Sechelmann's avatar Stefan Sechelmann

get a boundary edge for a boundary vertex

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parent 7399f7fe
......@@ -531,6 +531,26 @@ public final class HalfEdgeUtils {
return false;
* For a boundary vertex, the incoming edge with getRightFace() == null
* is returned.
* <p>
* Uses {@link #incomingEdges(Vertex)}, so the preconditions explained there apply.
* @param vertex
* @return The first boundary edge that is found with the given vertex as target,
* null if the vertex is no boundary vertex.
static public <V extends Vertex<V,E,?>,E extends Edge<V,E,?>> E incomingBoundaryEdge(V vertex) {
List<E> incoming = incomingEdges(vertex);
for (E e : incoming) {
if (e.getRightFace() == null) {
return e;
return null;
* Test if a given edge is on the boundary.
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