Commit 2544b390 authored by Andre Heydt's avatar Andre Heydt

hasBoundary(hds)-Method moved from HalfedgeutilsExtra to HalfEdgeUtils

parent ce785d1f
......@@ -405,6 +405,28 @@ public final class HalfEdgeUtils {
return result;
* checks if Halfedge-datastructure has boundary
* @param hds
* @return true if hds has boundary
public static <
V extends Vertex<V, E, F>,
E extends Edge<V, E, F>,
F extends Face<V, E, F>
> boolean hasBoundary(HalfEdgeDataStructure<V,E,F> hds){
Collection<V> vlist = HalfEdgeUtils.boundaryVertices(hds);
Collection<E> elist = HalfEdgeUtils.boundaryEdges(hds);
Collection<F> flist = HalfEdgeUtils.boundaryFaces(hds);
if (vlist.isEmpty() && elist.isEmpty() && flist.isEmpty())
return false;
return true;
* Return a list of the edges which have a given vertex as target vertex.
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