Commit 0f0a58c8 authored by Felix Knöppel's avatar Felix Knöppel
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Included method returning all faces that posses at least one boundary edge.

git-svn-id: f5b180c5-49ee-4939-b20e-b6ed35f0f7b7
parent f2b7bb87
......@@ -346,6 +346,20 @@ public final class HalfEdgeUtils {
return result;
* Returns a collection containing all faces of {@code heds} with at least one boundary edge.
* @param <E> the edge type
* @param heds the surface
* @return the collection of boundary edges
static public <E extends Edge<?,E,F>, F extends Face<?,E,F>> Collection<F> boundaryFaces(HalfEdgeDataStructure<?,E,F> heds) {
Collection<F> result = new HashSet<F>();
List<E> boundaryedges = boundaryEdges(heds);
for (E e : boundaryedges)
return result;
* Returns a list containing lists for all boundary components
* of {@code hds} with left face equal to null.
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