Commit 05e76fab authored by Thilo Rörig's avatar Thilo Rörig

fillAllHoles now returns the added faces

parent 4898a705
......@@ -641,12 +641,14 @@ public final class HalfEdgeUtils {
static public <V extends Vertex<V,E,F>,
E extends Edge<V,E,F>,
F extends Face<V,E,F>> void fillAllHoles(HalfEdgeDataStructure<V,E,F> heds) {
F extends Face<V,E,F>> List<F> fillAllHoles(HalfEdgeDataStructure<V,E,F> heds) {
List<F> newFaces = new LinkedList<F>();
for (E e : heds.getEdges()) {
if (e.getLeftFace() == null) {
return newFaces;
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